About Us

DAYTONA ELITE ACADEMY athletics support the purpose of the Academy and to enhance the Academy environment by carrying forth the long history and tradition of DAYTONA ELITE ACADEMY Athletics. As an integral part of a quality prep / JUCO / trade academy, athletics recruit appropriate student-athletes, provide the academy community with a sense of achievement and pride, gain meaningful and positive recognition for the academy, provide retention factor for involved student-athletes, and serve generally as learning/development opportunities for student-athletes.

The DAYTONA ELITE ACADEMY Department of Athletics is a unit of ethical leaders that report to the General Manager who is responsible to the Director. The Department of Athletics consists of the athletes, coaches, and staffs associated with each sport, as well as the Director and the Director’s staff.


Why Chose us

Our Mission & Vision


Mission Statement

The mission of the athletics programs at DAYTONA ELITE ACADEMY is to develop the physical, mental, social, and spiritual character of its participants. This mission is pursued within the scope of activities at the academy, most notably through athletic competition. Through these activities, it is the charge of all involved to better prepare our student-athlete by instilling them with unique character driven traits such as respect, trust, determination, discipline, work ethic, teamwork, competitiveness, and perseverance



The aim of our Department of Athletics is to support the philosophies, goals, and objectives of the athletic programs while following the stated guideline of the Department. DAYTONA ELITE ACADEMY will also provide its community with an avenue to support and be proud of the Academy’s level of achievements while providing meaningful and positive recognition for the Academy.

Administrators & Directors

Our Leadership

Our leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced executives. Working with each other, our faculty and students, using their knowledge and experience to make a difference for all our stakeholders.